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Fingerprint Locks (JA1101)

Suitable occasion? Home, offices, conference rooms etc.

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  • Product Details

3 Ways to open door
> Open with Fingerprint
The best choice for modern people, you can take 10“keys” with you anywhere and anytime. It can solve the problem of forgetting keys.
> Open with password
It can solve the problem of people whose fingerprint was weard. It is convenient for opening the door in emergence.
> Open with Mechanical Key
It is the traditional way for the Nostalgic people. It is convenient for opening the door in emergence.

7Core Strengths

> Advanced fingerprint algorithm, top-TI chip.
> With standard anti-theft lock body and passed fire test to fastly lock the door:Reliable deceleration clutch mechanism, passed 200000 times test.
> Fingerprint and password classify authority management: 5 fingerprint of administrator, 135 ordinary user fingerprint, 10 Temporary user fingerprint, fingerprint and password for administrator can be free to add, remove, clear, convenient management.
> Patented appearance, fashion slide:It is effect to protect fingerprint scanner and keyboard.
> OLED screen display function:You can operate without user manual.
> Low power consumption design:Four alkaline batteries can open door over 8000 times.
> Door-opening record inquiry:Record can be download, convenient to trace.

8 Function Module

Add user, Modify user, Delete user, Record inquiry, Passage mode, Time setting, Language setting, system initialization.

3 Stage Convenience

> Easy to install
> Convenient to use:
1.Display with OLED screen all the time, save effort.
2.Open door with fingerprint means you can take 10 ‘keys’ with you anywhere and anytime. It can solve the problem of forgetting keys.
3.Lock the door with handle up, fast and convenient.
4.Sliding cylinder cap, attractive appearance.
> Convenient maintenance
1. Low voltage alarm, prompting you to change batteries in time.
2. It is Convenient to change battery.
3. 9V square cell can be used to open the door when you go out for long time with batter out of power.

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